Monthly Archives: December 2017

003 – Spring-Heeled Jack

Episode 3 is here! As explained in the episode, this will only be a one-parter but rest assured, there will be a new story coming in the new year! Please enjoy the reports of this horrible fellow, Spring-Heeled Jack.


Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bughici – Suite for Violin, 9 Hora, vivace

Dee Yan-Key – Questions

Lee Rosevere – I Wanted To Live

Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny – Cantate Domino (G.O. Pitoni)

Stevies Amp Shack – noir guitar

002 – The Music of Erich Zann – H.P. Lovecraft – Part 2

Welcome back horror fans! Part 2 (the final part) of ‘The Music of Erich Zann’ by H.P. Lovecraft is now awaiting you below. Thanks for coming back if you did! If this is your first time listening, you’ll probably want to listen to part 1 first. Unless listening to the ends of stories is your thing. In which case knock yourself out.

Music used this episode:

Kosta T – imp

Ars Sonor – The Unborn Dancing

HighWay17 – If I Had a Planet

Ars Sonor – Milking the Spider Queen

Winjer3 – gain gap

Thanks very much for listening, if you have any feedback on the show, you can get in touch on twitter or facebook @adreadfulcast. Next up is ‘Spring-Heeled Jack’, available on 18/12/2017.